Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I’d have to answer EGG! It all started while I was reading a blog from either Chestnut Rau or Cheyenne Palisades I can’t remember which blog just at this time because I’m a fan of both and I’m too lazy to go back and check. Hee Hee! One of them wrote something about chickens and one of the replys was from Marnix Of course being an avid blog reader I clicked his link to read his blog. Since then he’s been added to my favorites. He’s wicked funny, a good writer and I can happily say he’s a good friend too.

On his blog page he had some sort of Plurk gadget that I had never seen before. I asked him one day, “What’s Plurk?” He explained it to me a little and said Plurk helped him get through his work day.

So of course when I got to work the next day I checked to see if Plurk was blocked like almost everything else is. YIPPIE was my reaction when I found I could Plurk from work. Hee Hee!

It’s really easy and addicting. You just leave short comments to your friends during the day. You reply back and forth and stay updated with what your friends are saying and doing.

I blame Marnix but I also thank him. I’ve met some really wonderful people on Plurk that I would have never heard of or talked to otherwise. I have as of today 249 friends and almost all of them are residences of SL. They make me laugh, keep me updated, and are oh so helpful. I’m so happy to have each and everyone of them as my plurking friends.

I’ve even met a couple of my plurk friends inworld or I’ve gone to their events, parties and stores.

So if you don’t Plurk already come join us and if you are a plurker make sure you are plurking me. *Giggle* Oh my! How come that last part sounded naughty?!?!