Thursday, September 10, 2009



Tis the season again for some American Football. WooT-WooT!
I love it when these things bring my family together!


This time of year brings back so many fun memories. Most of them are from high school. I use to go to every Friday night football game and root for our team. Loved all the action and excitement. Really loved my school colors of Royal blue and white. I can still picture a Friday night game, cheerleaders, bands, tailgating, friends, alumni, mascots, and the crowd of peers. I loved when we WON and disliked it when we lost.

I loved the feel of our Arizona night weather in the fall. At the start it’s still really nice almost perfect temps. Then as the season of Friday football nights continues it starts to get chilly and then you can smell far away fireplaces. It’s so much more fun to watch a game cuddling with someone to keep warm or hold hands.

Well now that the season has started for 2009 that means more family nights again at our house because we’ll be watching games with our family. Our family household has a mixture of favorite teams and that makes it more fun to tease and taunt the other loved ones. Hee hee!

So far on my list of teams to love are, Dallas Cowboys because my father is from Texas; the Denver Broncos because my mother is from Colorado; the Oakland Raiders because that’s Basil’s team, and the Arizona Cardinals because hey you have to support the home team. I've also grown quite fond of the Pittsburgh Steelers for some odd reason. *Smiles*

Whomever your team is that you cheer for I wish them luck this season. Enjoy it, have fun and also try to be a good sport when one of my five teams kicks your butt. *Giggle*

Love Quote of the Day:
You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.
Barbara de Angelis

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  1. Whaaa? The Steelers? After last years Super Bowl? Blasphemy! LOL!