Saturday, June 19, 2010


The final and sixth day of The Big Bad Blogger Challenge . Here is the sixth and final Topic:

If this is your first BBBC... What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?

This was my first BBBC and I’m glad I participated in it. It’s by far the most I’ve blogged in a row in a long time. *smile* It was a motivator for sure. I’ve gained some new blogger friends from this experience. I’ve discovered a bunch of new blogs I didn’t even know existed. It’s going to be fun to keep up with my new friends and what they write about now.

I don’t think the BBBC changed how I will be blogging in the future. I’m going to keep being me and doing what I do. *giggle* The best thing I’ve gained from all this is my new blogger friends and that’s a 100% WIN!

I wish the BBBC was longer with more questions because I would love to read more and I loved the challenge of it. Then again I’m glad it was short and I didn’t get burned out. It was fun just the way it was. *smiles* You’ll see me in the BBBC next year for sure.

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth -Bethany
Top: Surf Couture -Hermana Tanks
Pants: [LeLutka]-JUNIA jeans/dusk
Shoes: Surf Couture -Shoelace Sandals
Furniture:{what next}

Love Quote of the Day:
The giving of love is an education in itself.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Day five of The Big Bad Blogger Challenge . Here is the fifth Topic:

Topic #5 - Blogger's choice!
Write about anything that's on your mind!

What’s on my mind? Hmm... good question. On any given day I usually have a million things on my mind and a hundred different things I want to do. *smile* What’s on the tip top of my mind today is “Love Thursday”. I had been exploring the SL blog waves and noticed that every Thursday I would see titles that revolved around “Love Thursday”. Then I found out where it all started from and you can read it HERE . So now I try to blog a “Love Thursday” post each chance I get. *smiles*

There is also a SL Love Thursday Flickr Group you can join or just check out. The images are beautiful.

My “Love Thursday” post today is about my obsession for cute things to put in my mouth. *Giggle* Yummy! As some of you already know I’ve got a folder in my inventory labeled “Things I love to put in my mouth”. *wink* I wrote a little about my obsession back in September. I like how if you find the perfect item to place in your mouth like a flower or a cookie it can make one of your pictures look cute and oh so real.

I also love the goofy ones and the ones that make you say “umm ok that’s just silly.” I know what you’re thinking right now, you really want to know if that little mermaid tastes good and my answer is. “Taste like chicken!” YUMMY! *Giggle*

What I'm wearing:
Hair: TRUTH -Eloise
Dress: *Evie's Closet* -Lyra II - Marine
Poses: Glitterati

What's in my mouth:
#1 Picture: The Golden Fleece - Chamomile
#2 Picture: [Pink Fuel] - Happy Donut
#3 Picture: *Evie's Closet* -Catch Of The Day - Mer Munch

Love Quote of the Day:
Man becomes man only by his intelligence, but he is man only by his heart.
Henri Frederic Amiel

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I’M JUST ME -BBBC 2010:4

Day four of The Big Bad Blogger Challenge . Here is the fourth Topic:

SL Bloggers - Is your avatar more or less your current biological age? Do you portray a younger avatar, or older? Why is this?

Yeppers my avatar is my age. She even has my dark brown hair (most of the time) and my tan skin. *Smiles* The only thing I did veer away from is my real life eye color. My real eye color is dark brown but when I was looking at eyes on SL I fell in love with the idea of having blue eyes and I’ve basically stuck to that color from my very first rez day. *Rasing hand and jumping up and down* Yes my avatar is 32 and she’s proud of it!

I did create a little girl avatar around the age of 5 years old for a model for my mothers day blog post in May. I had so much fun dressing her up and making her cute I fell in love. She is my mini me and when I stand next to her in SL she looks like my little daughter. *Smiles* I take mini me out fishing at Loco Pocos and explore fairy land places. It’s not something I planned on creating but it’s fun to explore dressed up. I mean you can pretty much be anything you want in SL. Like I said before I ran around dressed like a turtle the other day and had a blast. *Giggle*

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth -Leona
Necklace: *SiSSi* -Pebble
Top: *BOOM* -Summer Sarong non transparent tan
Bra: Truth -Leona
Pants: *BOOM* -Fall Tweed (Forest)
Shoes: Surf Couture - Freedom Flops

Love Quote of the Day:
Down on your knees, and thank heaven, fasting, for a good man's love.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Day three of The Big Bad Blogger Challenge . Here is the third Topic:

SL Bloggers - How hard do you think it is to find a relationship in SL? If you have an SL relationship, have you met in the physical world?
Would you meet them? Do you think it would change
your SL relationship if you met?

I don't think it's hard to find a relationship in SL. Keeping it and working on making it last is what I see being the hardest part of SL relationships. I've seen so many SL relationship happen around me. I've seen them work and turn into my friends happily ever after and I've seen them crash and burn.

I like working on my friendships in SL. That seems to keep me busy and happy with my SL life. *smiles*

I've seen quite a few of my SL friends meeting their partners in real life. They seem so in love still when they return back home from their visit. It makes me smile that their love clicked in the face to face meeting. I do believe the SL relationship would change if you took it out of the virtual world. How could it not grow? That would be my guess. *smiles*

If you be your true self and share all you can with that special someone, I think finding that best friend could be possible.

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth -Zara
Top: Boom -Dot Dot Tube Top Green
Pants: Zaara -Chinos *white*
Shoes: **DP**yumyum -Candy Sandals/green
Poses: MEYA

What he's wearing:
Hair: Uw.St
Top: Weird Monkey Design Indust
Pants: *ARGRACE**

Love Quote of the Day:
Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.
Mother Teresa

Monday, June 14, 2010


Day two of The Big Bad Blogger Challenge . Here is the second Topic:
“Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.”

There are a lot of positives in my everyday SL. They are the reason I keep logging in each and everyday. My biggest positive of all my SL existence are my friends. I have my Plurk friends to help me make it through my work day. Then I have my SL/Plurk/WoW friends to hang out with me at night. There are so many things we all do together. We goof off, explore, play games, run around playing tag, kill zombies, dance or just sit around watching movies. We celebrate birthdays, rezdays, marriages, and holidays together. My SL is what it is because of each and every one of my friends. I’ve fallen in love with many of their hearts. I love joking with my friends and enjoy how we make each other laugh. Time in SL flies by fast when you are having fun.

My second positive of my SL world is the place I call home. Some days I don’t even have to TP out of my home. I enjoy just hanging out there and relaxing. If you’ve ever visited my home you’d know it’s so me. *Giggle* I could change my house or the landscaping but some of my favorite home things will always be around. I’m still learning how to build or to change textures but my little place I call home is where I learn and where I grow each and every day. It’s filled with things I enjoy and love about SL. Surround yourself with beautiful things you love and enjoy every moment.

My third positive of my SL world would be adventure! I mean how often can you say, “ I want to visit Paris France today” and TP there in the next second? Just the other day I went treasure hunting dressed like a turtle. I even visited a land that made me think of Alice in Wonderland. You can visit The Great Wall of China in SL if that’s something you wanted to explore. The possibilities are out there you just have to go for it and explore.

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth -Mena
Top: Fri. - Basic Cami - White
Shorts: ::Emjay:: -Patchwork Shorts
Shoes: Surf Couture -Shoelace Sandals - White

Love Quote of the Day:
Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.
James A. Baldwin

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The Big Bad Blogger Challenge has started and this is my first year participating. I can’t wait to read everything all the other bloggers have to write about. I’m excited about this! Here is the first Topic:

Why did you become a blogger?
How has it enriched your life?

I started my SL blog ¿Qué Pasó? on August 3, 2009. My first post,
Woo Hoo I’m Taking the SL Blog plunge! was fun, exciting and scary all rolled up into one. I wanted to share all the wonderful cool things about SL that I was discovering. I saw so many people sharing their SL adventures it looked like fun! I thought, “I could do that!” I became a blogger to express and share what I was doing in SL and it is something that has made my SL more enjoyable 100%.

Starting my blog has brought me so much joy. I’ve gained so many new wonderful friends. I learn so many new things from my fellow bloggers every day. I am a part of a bigger picture that makes up my SL world. I encourage anyone who wants to start a blog to take the plunge and jump right into the blogging world.

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth -Drew
Top: Mischief -Afternoon Tank - Olive
Pants: MALT -Recycled Jeans
Shoes: Surf Couture - Freedom Flops - Dark Brown
Furniture:{what next} -Bloggers Office

Love Quote of the Day:
Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'
Erich Fromm

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It was such a beautiful day in SL I took a walk in the park. I strolled around in my new beautiful sandals from ORANGE CREATIONS called Mercy Sandals. I loved the look of these so much I bought the fatpack, so worth it for the price!

I'm wearing this pretty new dress from LARK. I just adore it and I've been skipping around SL all day wearing it. Also every pose I've used in this post comes from *EverGlow*. Go check them out when you have time. I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Mwah

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth -Annie
Dress: LARK - Hattie Dress
Shoes: ORANGE CREATIONS -Mercy Sandals
Poses: *EverGlow*

Love Quote of the Day:
The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love.
Jean Racine