Saturday, December 19, 2009


I've been slowly working on my kitchen in SL. I saw one I wanted at *bitter vanilla* but it wasn't ready to be sold until just yesterday! WooT WooT!

*bitter vanilla* put a really nice kitchen counter for sale out on Friday. It has running water, fire burning stove tops and is only 10 prim. It's great and the counter tops are color changeable. I also bought a whole bunch of other things in the store to place in my house because it's just lovely. I've also shopped at :Kinokoko
for some of the other counter tops and food. It's a rounded collection of really great finds on SL. I'm loving my kitchen and I've been hanging out on that side of the house more often now that I've added some new things to it. *happy sigh*

Oh some things I wanted to share with you that I don't want you to miss! Go to AOHARU they've just put out group gifts that ROCK! A cute scarf, boots, & sweater. Make sure you visit -[NC]- to pick up the cute boots I'm wearing they are also a group gift. Have fun running around the grid!

Some of the places I shopped at for my Kitchen:
Kitchen Sink Counter: *bitter vanilla*
Other Counters Tops:Kinokoko

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Truth - Gabby
Scarf: AOHARU - KnitScarf Christmas-Freebie Group Gift
Top: Mischief Fashions -Intertwine Sweater (Sage & CottonCandy)
Skirt: BP* - DNM PANTS SKIRT (dark)
Socks: S@BBiA -::Socks:Freebie Gift: Pink
Shoes: -[NC]- -Boots-Green Freebie Group Gift

Love Quote of the Day:
Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my love.
Washington Irving

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  1. I have had my eye on that kitchen set too forever! I didn't realize that she was planning to put it for sale! Must head over there now!