Sunday, October 11, 2009


My dear Plurk friend Carter Denja & Stormy Aluveaux have created these garden beauties. They are called Pocket Gardens. The ones I’m showing you today are all part of a set called Thalia.


I love decorating our land. I change it for every season and holiday. It makes your land a place to call “HOME”. These pocket Gardens are cute and beautiful and very easy to help you create the look you might want for your land garden.

Pocket Gardens - Thalia comes in four sizes:

Pocket Gardens - Thalia 3 x 3: 11 prims (Free Subscribo-matic gift)
Pocket Gardens - Thalia 5 x 5: 30 prims (275L)
Pocket Gardens - Thalia 5 x 10: 44 prims (375L)
Pocket Gardens - Thalia 10 x 10: 58 prims (475L)

Or, get all three sizes in a fat pack for 800L. You can copy all three sizes and they include many features.


Pocket Gardens prefab gardens can be seen and purchased at two locations in world – the Pocket Gardens shop in New Toulouse Algiers , and downstairs at Madhu's Cafe world music coffee house , You can also visit them onXstreetSL .


I was also just told there is now a Pocket Gardens freebie! You can get it by joining their subscribo-matic at either store location. It is a 3x3 mini-garden, 11 prims, two original sit poses, menu-driven, choice of 7 ground cover textures. Go Subscribe today. What are you waiting for!?!


If you’d like more detailed information about these beautiful Pocket Gardens visit the Pocket Gardens Blog .

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