Sunday, August 23, 2009


I was on a hunt for stones when I TPed into DooDads @The Hotel Dare. Then all of the sudden I was running for my pixel life. *Giggle* Zombies were coming down the street coming after me. Yikes!!


I love to hate those scary undead movies like Night of the Living Dead, 24 Days, Dawn of the Dead, and you can't forget Shawn of the Dead. They scare me but I can't help but watch them. This is what these Zombies reminded me of. Made me pick up my little avatar sneakers and run away!


I finally escaped them and climbed to the top of this building to see what they were doing below. I know I'm one of those girls in the movie that you yell at. Don't go in there! Run the other way girl! I'll be happy to report I didn't lose my shoe while running away. Hee Hee. And I did TP away and continue with the hunt. Just for kicks you should go visit the zombies for a sec make sure you have you running shoes on.


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