Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Last night I had so much fun! Boss came over the house with a new vehicle he bought. I don’t know where he got it but I’ll find out if you’d like to know. He rezed his new four seater golf cart. At first I was like, “well that’s neat” I thought I’d take a ride around the island with him and we’d move on. But then he turned it into the hoover flying golf cart. Whoo Hoo! Very cool. What I thought would only take a few minutes turned into hours of fun!

After a few trips around the island we noticed that my neighbor Ranger had just logged on SL. We flew over to his front yard and asked him to join us in a spin around the island. Boss copied a golf cart for Ranger and after many permission snafoos and alarms going off, we finally had Ranger roaming around the land in his golf cart. I’m not going into detail about how many times he fell into our duck pond. *Whispers three times*


My land has too many obstacles so we decided to be rebels and jumped the property line and crossed over to Alicia’s wide open play area! We were riding all over the land trying to break these golf carts in. They make weird funny sounds, what I like to call the school bus driver back up beep noise or also called the garbage truck back up beep. When the carts crash it sounds like two cars hitting each other. I never did crash my cart, well maybe… once…more like 100 times. *Giggle* Bumper golf carts is now one of my favorite driving sports.


It started off pretty neutral, just driving around the land trying to navigate around each others golf carts. But then Ranger made the comment, “Women Drivers”. I was shocked…because actually I was the best driver. *Giggle* So after that it was ON!! I think I chased him all over the land after that trying to flip his car. I’m not a rage driver I was just umm… having fun. Hee Hee.


While we were running around the land I saw Alicia was inworld so I IM’ed her to come play with us. The guys were picking on me…and I needed someone to share the fun with. She came to join us and helped divert some of the flips and crashes away from me. We laughed on voice and had a good time.


As I was watching my friends be silly, I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. You really have to be there to get in the goofy mood with us but it’s so much fun to hang out with friends doing crazy new things.

Love Quote of the Day:
The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love.
Jean Racine

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