Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last night I was searching the grid for a puppy to adopt. I came across a place called ZOOBY'S. It was amazing and I had so much fun window shopping. *Singing* "How much is that doggy in the window?"

They didn't only have dogs and cats they had a ZOO of animals and creatures. Look at this adorable chimpanzee in his diaper. *Giggle* He even had a banana for a snack while I was there. Totally cute!


They even had some prehistoric pets for those cavemen out there. Or cavewomen. *Smiles* This big guy looked like he could eat me in one chew.


And oh lookie! Some really big dragons! *Smiles* Basil said, "NO!" to this pet for fear of burning down our home which is made of wood. We do enough damage to our dwelling without a fire breathing pet. Hee Hee.


So I finally wandered over to the dogs side of the place and discussed with some of them what I would like to adopt. I also learned a lot about how to take care of them. These loving dogs listened to me and barked in reply to everything I had to say. I had so much fun. Now I just have to decide which one I want to adopt. I'm taking my time...I'm in no hurry...and I'm so very excited.


Love Quote of the Day
Come dress yourself in love, let the journey begin.
Francesca da Rimini


  1. Oh yeah -- Zoobys is a great place!! I got a baby white tiger there! Soooo cuters! (grins)


  2. Oh wow AuroraSkye I saw those there. I just had a great time looking around at everything. This weekend I should have adopted something by then. *Giggle*