Tuesday, August 4, 2009


How in the internet world did I discover Second Life®. Well that’s a good question. You can blame Basil for that. *Giggle* I like putting the blame on him and in this case it is his fault and his grand discovery.
Basil was reading Planning magazine and there was an article about Second Life®. He thought it sounded intriguing and wanted to try it. He was very interested about building a community with planning and development considerations. Which is his RL job. This was of course what he thought it was all about, a simulator for rural and urban planning. I guessed it was something like a video game I used to play called Simcity, which I think was on the original PlayStation since that’s the only one I’ve ever played.

Basil signed up in December of 2008 and explored once in awhile. I of course looked over his shoulder and asked a bunch of questions he couldn’t answer because he was a newbie. From what I saw at first it didn’t look that exciting so I stuck with my signature graphics and kept creating as usual. Then one night Basil meet a furry a huge squirrel lady. She TP’ed him to a couple of churches and islands. That’s when we saw the amazing graphic side of Second Life®. I don’t know where Basil was playing at first but this new part was more interesting. Then his new friends started to help him find clothes and get him started with freebies.

One night I walked into his computer room and saw he was on a beach exploring and it looked fun. We then signed me up for an account so that I could go exploring with him but my computer had other ideas. I didn’t have a good enough graphic card. I signed up on January 21, 2009 but I couldn’t explore or play which was a real bummer. A few months passed and I decided I really wanted to try Second Life® out so I batted my eyes and used my feminine ways to ask for a computer upgrade. For my birthday in May 2009 I received a totally kick butt upgrade on my computer from my family. Yippee for me! *Giggle* That’s when my adventure began.

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