Monday, August 10, 2009


I’ve really been tossing the idea around about adopting a SL puppy. At the old place we rented from, the owner had two dogs that I just loved to play with. I am definately a dog person.

This weekend I was surfing XStreet and found this cute little follow puppy for 10L. I rezzed him to life and he followed me all over my property. He was teeny tiny and adorably cute and if I didn’t watch my step I would have squashed him. Then I got distracted and needed to run to the store for just a second to get something for the house. I TP’ed to the store and quickly received a message from my new puppy, “You’ve left me at home please return soon I miss you.” I thought “Aww how cute”, but when I returned home he was missing. I couldn’t find him any place. *pout* I don’t know where he ran off or how to find him again. *pout* If anyone on the island sees him please send him home. I’d be one happy person. So that was my brief moment as a puppy owner.

As our friend Ranger says, “You pay for what you get” and I guess that’s what I got for 10L. Hee Hee. A couple of hours of some cutie following me around my property whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

Around the first week I was on SL, Ranger IM’ed me and told me he bought a new dog. I right away asked if I could visit and see his new pet. He told me he thought he already killed it. *SHOCKED FACE* When I TP’ed over to his house all that was left was a cute dog asleep in the dog bed. *Pout* Ranger tried to put him back in a folder I think, but his new dog didn’t like that and retired. That would be just my luck so I’ll have to do my research and learn the what, where, and how of things.

I’m really excited about this. So if you have landmarks of dog pounds please share. *Smiles* Or puppy advice. All info would be most welcome.

Love Quote of the Day:
Love never dies of starvation, but often of indigestion.
Ninon de L'Enclos


  1. If I see the dog I'll be sure to point him home, Lolita.

    Oh, and aswell as chickens I have a gorgeous black labrador. Drop by and see him sometime won't you?

    He doesn't IM me and tell me he's missing me though. Having too much fun with the chickens, I reckon.

  2. Thank you for coming over last night to show me the Wireframe look view. It didn't help in my search for the little guy he's still MIA. But as I said on your blog he might have took off to the moon with your chicken. Humm...isn't that a childhood nursery rhyme?

    I would love to visit your place and check out your animals. I’ve been meaning to do so…it’s just our time difference is way off. And I feel weird skipping around your property without you there....

  3. Oh dear -- I didn't know we could kill our SL pets!! Eeek! Did he ever come back to you?