Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As we’ve been exploring we’ve become more and more interested in buying a piece of land to call our home. We loved renting from SIP Cafe & Shops-Coffee Shop , it was absolutely beautiful there and a peaceful quite place that we pretty much always had to ourselves. Everyone was really nice there and they had live music during the week which we enjoyed. It was great because we wanted to take our time looking around. We weren’t really in a big rush. However, we knew what kind of place we were looking for. The major three things for us are prims, rezzable water and friendly neighbors.

We teleported for months looking around for a place, but never really found any property to buy that met our needs. Most nights we called it quits, took off to a club to dance and be with friends. Then one day I was surfing the SL blogs and ran across a new blog that said,

“Oh, and if anyone is looking for land, I have a parcel available on my island. 4416sqm/1010 prims. Best neighbors in the world. If you're interested, IM me.”
Quoted from Ch'know?

That night when we logged inworld I sent her a note card telling her we were interested and wanted see it. The next day we bought our very first piece of land. We both couldn’t be happier! It’s so exciting to actually grow as time goes by in Second Life®. We were so excited to actually get to play with the land, put a house up and decorate. Well I was the most excited about the decorating part. That’s my favorite part. *Giggle* But I can see Basil is excited also. We talked about what we wanted to do with our new home and we couldn’t wait to show our friends.

Basil & Lolita
In front of our new house on our new land


  1. Hey Lolita, as I just posted in response to your comment on my blog, we're neighbours! Small world, eh?

    Had you realised?

  2. It really is a small world!! I think it's really cool. And because I've read all about them...when you get all unpacked and moved in I would so love to visit your chickens. *Giggle* I haven't seen one in SL but I've read all about the wild adventures.
    :: Lolita ::

  3. Of course, Emerald along from you has chickens too, but yes of course, I'd be happy to show you my little (famous?) flock