Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night I do I put this...
I went on a Hunt for Poop & Toliet paper. *Giggle* And I wasn't the only one who was looking for it. Festivale is having it's annual hunt. It certainly is one of a kind and original.


They really did decorate the sim like sh*t. *Giggle* The crap was everywhere but so stylish. Oh my, I can't stop laughing while writing this. Little piles of poo with bows on top of them held gifts for you and there are also toliet paper rolls with prizes in them. The trees on one side of the sim looked like a toliet paper war had just happened.


The sim was full most of the night and there were so many people looking for all the crap prizes. Hee Hee! While I was on this hunt I couldn't stop laughing and thinking, Oh My Gosh the things we do. I even plurked about this while I was on the hunt and some of the comments just make me laugh even harder. When one of my friends asked me, "Did you find the throbbing poop yet?" I spit out my water while laughing! Which also reminds me that I never did find that one. must have been hidden really well.

I had fun and I hope you make time to go look and enjoy this hunt! *Smiles*

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