Thursday, November 12, 2009


Wall-E and Eve Avatar 1.3
I love the movie and now I can dress up as the characters.
WooT WooT


Boss and I found these great avatars tonight Wall-E & Eve! We quickly both dressed up and took off to INSPIRE SPACE Park to explore space. *Giggle*

I was Eve so I know what comes with the Avatar. There is a very COOL hud that lets you shoot, express emotions, chat in Eve's voice from the movie, and lets you do silly moves. You can also give hugs too. *Happy sigh*

Oh helpful hint for those who are Eve. *Giggle* As I was chasing Boss around shooting him I noticed my battery power was getting low. I don't know why! I only shot him like a hundred times. *Giggle* Becareful how much you shoot because you'll have to power down and sleep to recharge.

You can pick yours up today because they are a must have for your collection. The best part is both avatars are FREE! Go visit Newbie Guides Training Center an, Palomarian and on the second floor you'll see them.

Love Quote of the Day:
Love is a chain of love as nature is a chain of life.
Truman Capote

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