Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday was one of our good friends birthday. Happy Birthday Seraphena! (( BIG HUGS )) A group of our friends thought it would be fun to have a Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs themed birthday. Can you name all The Seven Dwarfs?


I thought it was VERY CUTE! A bunch of friends dressed up like The Seven Dwarfs, the Wicked Queen, Prince Charming, the Huntsman and the birthday girl was Snow White. Boss and I were going to go as peasants or forest creatures but some people had RL and computer issues and we got to be one of The Seven Dwarfs. *Dancing happy dance* I got to be DOPEY and Boss was Doc. *Giggle* He made such a cute Doc. You can get the costumes at Costumes Unlimited.


We did a little bit of role playing when the birthday girl arrived for her party. We even did our Hi Ho march out of the diamond cave to the cottage. I was so happy Dopey didn't have any lines because umm...Dopey doesn't talk. I just jumped around a lot and thanks to lag I ran into a lot of walls. I was so in character it was all part of my Dopey plan. *Giggle*


I laughed so much when The Wicked Queen accidently bit the posion apple and fell on the ground yelling, "Help me I've fallen and I can't get up!" You had to be there! *LMAO* It was so much fun to hang out with friends and laugh. Snow White bit the poisonous apple and fell into a deep sleep and had her Prince Charming kiss her to wake her up and then we all danced the night away. Yes Dopey got Jiggy with it thanks to Sneezy's Huddle.


The cutiest quotes from last night:

Sneezy: "Oh no we're missing a dwarf?"
Doc: "Who farted?"
Happy: "Look at Dopey running for the mouth of the cave for air!"
Grumpy: "It must be all these apples I'm eating"
Dopey: "What's grumpy doing with that apple? Oh no!
*covering eyes*"
Grumpy: "I'm making apple sauce."
Wicked Queen: "Listen here all seven of you short ugly men don't make me get all wicked witch on you"

I have to say the whole place was so beautifully decorated thanks to a bunch of friends and Arwyn because she made some amazing decorations for the party. When you have a chance stop by her store Obsidian Desires & [NeverM0re]. They've got the coolest stuff and she’s super creative.


I am now the proud owner of cute things to sit on because I saw them at the party and I just had to have them. I love how they have so many places to sit and you can change your position. I ran to the store this morning and sat on a bunch more things and became a part of a music box. *Smiles* I love how creative my friends are. (( HUGS ))


Happy Birthday Seraphena and I hope this year all your birthday cake wishes come true. *Kisses*

Love Quote of the Day:
The greatest pleasure of life is love.

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