Friday, February 11, 2011


I did some spring cleaning and I finally finished. *Smiles* I wanted to share my home with you all. I just love hanging out here and relaxing. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Mwah Lolita

Lolita Oleander's Home

Skybox: nordari - SnowWhite
Grass/flowers: KIDD GRASS
Tree: LostDog Designs
Landry Set: iTuTu

Lolita Oleander's Bedroom

Painting: Cadeling Gallery
Plant: LP2 interior -Monstera_A
Bedroom Set: LISP -Nargokot Bed Sunset
Plant: iTuTu -Planter 02
Mirror and Window art: LISP -Standing Floor Mirror & Window of Light

Lolita Oleander's Music & Reading Nook

Plants: iTuTu
Wall art words: {O} Obsidian -If Music (Coming Soon)
Guitar Bookcase: NeverMØrE (Coming Soon)
Music Rug: NeverMØrE (Coming Soon)
Music Frames: NeverMØrE (Coming Soon)
Rope Trick Lamp: LISP
Love Sofa: :::OBF:::
Brown Rug: Y's HOUSE
Books & Bookcase: *~MMG's~* -Drawer cabinet
Open Books: Milk Hall Main Shop

Want something to chew?

Food and plant on table: LISP
Table and chairs: Y's HOUSE

Relax in Lolita's Hot Tube

Plant: LP2 interior
Hot Tub: LostDog Designs
Screen & Skylark Giant Frame: LISP
Chair & Wall writting: What Next
Basket of Plants & Rolled towels : MudHoney

Hang your Coat

Laurel Hallway Set: What Next

Take a seat

Rose Bench: What Next -Juliet's Loveseat
Bird Houses: LISP
Rose Plants: LOFT

Lolita Oleander's Livingroom

Brown Rug: Y's HOUSE
Laurel Ottoman: What Next
Plants: LP2 interior
Calida Loveseat: MudHoney
Ashley Cuddle Lounger: MudHoney
Restoration Clock, Kumbyargh Guitar, Tray,
Autumn shades Chair & Books: LISP
Flower Basket: iTuTu
Wall writting: :: AB ::

Love Quote of the Day:
Love that is not madness is not love.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca

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