Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Sometimes all you need is a hug or a moment to cuddle someone who you know just loves you for you. I'm lucky that I have a family that makes me feel this way. Some days I don't even know I need it but once I cuddle or hug my loved ones my whole person feels better and happy. When I was little I use to play with my friends Patty Cake. I use to be really good at it also and we had fun songs to go with some of our moves. I can't remember them like I use to. I've been asked this weekend to play Patty Cake. I'm going to have to practice so I can be as good as these people in the YouTube video I link below.

"I’ll think of you as I go
So when I leave you’re not alone
And no matter where we are
We’ll never be that far
‘cause I’ll think of you as I go

I’ll think of you as I dream
So when it’s dark you’ll be with me
And no matter where we are
We can look up to the stars
And I’ll think of you as I dream

Oh, it’s a long and winding road
But you don’t have to walk alone
Cuz no matter where we are
I’ll keep you in my heart
I’ll think of you as I go..."

Patty Cake

What I'm listening to.
Check out this tune and enjoy it with me.
Epic Patty Cake Song (I'll Think Of You)

What I’m wearing:
Hair: TRUTH - Ishya
Eyes: IKON
Skin: Pink Fuel - Harley
Dress: KITJA - Kim Dress Shinyshabby
Hands & Feet: SLINK
Shoes: {kokoia} - Mikonos
Nail Polish: Hello Dave
Our Pose: .GlamRus. - Patty -Cake
Swing: Cheekypea - Marta Spring Pergola

Love Quote of the Day:
Love you will find only where you may show yourself weak without provoking strength.
Theodor Adorno

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